Veda SamrakshanaṁKanchi Kshetram is known to be resounding with the Vedic Chants in every waft of breeze. ŚrīPāda Vallabha regards Vedam very dearly. This is mentioned in ŚrīPāda Charithamrutham. To revive the ancient system of purifying the etheric dimension, through Vedic chants, is a part of the mission. Each of the Gau Shala, in the four gateways of Śrīchakrapuram, named after the first four primary manifestations, stand for each Veda respectively. As an activity from that specific Gau shala, that particular Vedic recital would be facilitated.

Gau saṃrakṣaṇam Śrī Datta Gurukulam will be a home to destitute, ailing and abandoned cows saved from butchers. There are milk barren cows and others brought from harsh conditions. All these cows are fed, sheltered, and well cared for. Several Gausewaks work round the clock to look after them.
Project Satvam Dattatreya symbolises 'Shuddha Satvam'. Project Satvam, is here to remind us of our roots, our inherent Nature, adapting to more 'satvic' ways of living and giving back to Mother Nature. Seekers are invited to enter the zone of Holistic living and giving.

Anagha Grha - The Home of Love ŚrīPāda Vallabha is the personification of Pure Love. Our inherent nature is Love. By returning to our own nature, we are returning to Love. Anagha Grha will be a home to those longing for love and kindness.

It shall also be a retreat, accommodating seekers, offering a space close to Nature. To retrace our steps back to Nature, a simplistic living, unwinding our mind and settling on the laps of Tranquil.