Our Gaushala(s)

Our shelters are home to destitute, ailing and abandoned cows saved from butchers. There are milk barren cows and others brought from harsh conditions. All these cows are fed, sheltered, and well cared for. Several Gausewaks work round the clock to look after them.
ŚrīPāda Vallabha commenced His 'dhurbar' in a Gau-shala.
In every Gaushala of ours, the Guru's Name will be remembered and there will be Vedic recitals, devotional chants and Charitra Parayana. Veda saṃrakṣaṇam, Guru Nāma Smarana will be a regular activity in our Gau-shala(s).
 Swami Samartha accepts pure devotion:

ŚrīPāda Vallabha commenced His 'dhurbar' in a Gau-shala. Here worship to Sripada Swami's portrait and offering of Naivedya is a regular activity. On special occassions, lighting of lamps and 'annadhan' is being carried out devotedly.

  Narasimha Saraswathi Gaushala

On behalf of Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Gaushala, Vedic recitals have commenced. The first being Rig Veda Samhitha Homa, at Gurusthan, Sai Dham, Sondekoppa. More to continue. As Guru Charithra states, we will work towards Veda saṃrakṣaṇam and Guru Nāma Smarana.

 Swami Samarth Gaushala

With the blessings of Vijayendra Saraswathi Swami, Samartha Maharaj Gaushala has commenced its operations in the Northern direction of Srichakrapuram. Worship, annadhan and recital of Swami Samartha Charitha are a regular activity.

  Sri Sainath Gaushala

Sainatha Gaushala is yet to commence its operations on the Western direction - Srichakrapuram.