Śrīchakrapuram :: The Higher Definition

Śrīchakrapuram is not bound or defined by physical dimensions. It is not a physical space in reality. Ananda is the nature of the Self. Ananda refers to the timeless dimension of contentment. When one is able to enter this realm of eternal joy or 'ananda', it is indeed the 'anandamaia kosha' (sheath of bliss). Recall Sripada Vallabha's words, relating to the 'anandamaia Pithikapuram related to anandamaiya kosha , which HE calls as the Golden Pithikapuram'. This 'anandamaia' expanse within our heart is 'Śrīchakrapuram'.

When the heart is saturated with compassion and love; and other superior virtues, when the mind is surrendered at the Feet of the Guru, Śrīchakrapuram is realized as the most beautiful expanse filled with love and joy, within oneself.
Kanchi Kshetram

Mokshapuri Kanchi Kshetram has been renowned as Śrīchakra Kshetram since time immemorial. It is stated in our Scriptures that Kanchi has been constructed resembling the Śrīchakram. On its four gateways, are now situated 'gaushala' for sheltering abandoned cows. The 4 Guashala have been named after the 4 Primary manifestations of Lord Datta.

At the core of this Śrīchakra KShetram, is enshrined Śrīchakra Dattatreya in the Temple @ Melsirunai. All this has happened by itself, quite unplanned.