The four prime manifestations of Dattatreya are emboidments of Love and Compassion.

Sri Datta Gurukulam, takes this as its logo, the images of the four manifestations, in a perfect tetrahedron, symbolising our mission "Love, pure and unconditional!" The heart centre is symbolised as a tetrahedron ('shatkona chakra, a grosser representation of the Srichakra') - the space of pure love and compassion.

Living by our motto 'Vasudhaiva kuṭumbakaṃ', Datta's Gurukulam is here to lead us to the New Era... building a community of love and selflessness.

Love, compassion, forgiveness and Selflessness are the attributes of Krta Yuga (Satya Yuga). To raise the vibrations of planet earth, the Divine qualities have to be rekindled; this raises oneself to higher states of awareness. This is possible only with constant surrender at the Feet of the Guru. Hence, the 'Padukka' at the centre.

The Cow in the middle represents 'Light' associated with wisdom, as stated in Charithamrtham, Chapter 14. Veda declares that only a cow can safely ferry a soul across the Vaitarini or the blazing river. It is symbolic of wisdom which alone can ferry the soul to higher realms.

Caring for cows would mean our first step of Compassion; Compassion is the first mile on the long road to awareness.
This platform as a result of His grace, commenced itself on Sripada Jayanthi 2021. Since then, the road map has been charted by Him. He has connected souls across walks of life, to deliver what He wills, thus resulting in activities, leaving physical imprints across geographies, brightening the days of innumerable souls...

Only when collective souls wake up to realizing the Divinity within, it is possible to usher in the Golden age on a Universal level.